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3 Upcycled DIY Fall Projects

If you are willing to check thrift shops and after season sales at craft stores, you can make some really cute decorations!  Thankfully, I have a retired mom that loves to shop and is super creative. On one lazy weekend afternoon we made these great DIY fall projects out of thrift shop and craft store clearance items. 

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1.  DIY Wreath

upcycled fall wreath


Here’s how we did it:

First:  Grab a bottle of wine, pour a glass, and crank up the tunes.  (Okay, not completely necessary but it does make it more fun!)


upcycled fall wreath

The above wreath base was purchased at a thrift store for 99 cents. The leaves and flowers for 15 cents at Hobby Lobby (off season) and the scarecrow for $1.51 at a thrift store.

upcycled fall wreath

All you’ll need is a wire cutter and some wire or a glue gun.  I prefer wire because the wreath can be changed seasonally.  

upcycled fall wreath

Take off the old flowers and leaves.

upcycled fall wreath

Wire (or glue) the scarecrow to the wreath.

upcycled fall wreath

Wire (or glue) picks, leaves, etc to wreath and accessories as desired. 

And, there ya have it an upcycled fall wreath for less than $3!  Stay tuned for the Christmas wreath upgrade coming soon.  I will remove the wired on items and replace them with a winter theme.  I’ll also save them and design again next fall with the same items and any new we find along the way.

2.  DIY Fall Porch Display

DIY Fall Porch Display

This type of display is often found for $59 retail.  However, we made this with thrift shop and craft store sales for less than $6.

Here’s how:

The styrofoam pumpkin was purchased from Joanne Fabrics off season.  Hollow out the center of the pumpkin.  Don’t make it too big.  You’ll need to insert a narrow vase in the center. 

DIY Fall Porch Display

The vase we used was purchased at a 2nd hand store.  It had flowers, but we removed those.  Place it inside the center of the pumpkin.

DIY Fall Porch Display

A small wreath was purchased off season at a craft store.  Take it and place it over the vase and secure it to the pumpkin with a tea pin or secure with wire.  We used wire. With wire, you’d want to twist the ends together and then poke it in to the back and sides of the pumpkin. 

DIY Fall Porch Display

Add flowers to the vase.  These flowers were purchased at Michaels.  Always add in odd numbers –1, 3, 5, or 7. 

Place the scarecrow against the flowers and secure it to the stems of the flowers with wire or glue. This scarecrow was purchased off season at a craft store.  

Add fabric leaves, flowers and sticks to add height.  Use floral tape to wrap the sticks and flowers.  Dried flowers or grapevines are a nice touch.  Place the sunflowers in front of the scarecrow inside the pumpkin. You can also add pine cones, flowers, etc as desired.  Secure with wire or glue. 

Festive fall ribbon can be added as desired. 

If you use it outside, you may want to insert a rock to weigh it down so it doesn’t blow away.

Estimated cost of this project is $6.  (We had the wire and wire cutters, ribbon on hand.) Most items were found off season at craft shops — Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabrics and Michaels.  But, you can also watch thrift shops to find good stuff that just may need a little upgrade. 

3.  DIY Light up Scarecrow

DIY Fall Decor


This cute little scarecrow was made for just a few dollars. 

What You’ll Need:

First, you’ll need a chimney shaped glass lamp.  They sell for about $3.45 by Westing House or you can find them at thrift stores.  This one cost $1.51.  

Small straw hats can be found for about 50 cents at thrift stores or $1 at craft stores. 

Paint and paint brushes can be found at Michaels for $1 on sale. 

Leaves/ flowers can be found at craft stores for 15 cents.  

Raffia can sometimes be found on sale, but we paid $3.99 for it at a craft store. 

DIY Fall Decor


First, paint the lamp up to about 2 inches from the top. 

DIY Fall Decor 

Let it dry and then paint the face. Cut a hole in the straw hat and mark where it will lay on the globe.  (Witches Brew wine is optional, but recommended.) 

DIY fall decor

Let it dry.  Cut raffia hair length and glue to straw hat.  Once lamp is dry, stick on the straw hat and glue on flowers/ accessories as desired. 

Place over a battery candle and you’ve got a cute little center piece.  

DIY Fall Decor


Do you thrift shop or make your crafts?  If so, please share and comment below:

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