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The Immortalists

The Immortalists

What would you do if you knew the date you would die?

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October’s book choice is Chloe Benjamin’s book The Immortalists.

Found on a popular book club site, here’s what I know about this bestseller so far:

Set in New York’s Lower East Side in 1969, a group of adolescent siblings sneak out to hear their fortunes from a traveling psychic.  What they learn, transforms their next five decades. 

It’s a family love story which probes the question of destiny and choice, reality, illusion, life and afterlife.  

Reviews claim it as a literary thriller full of suspense and full of surprises.  An examination of mortality, immortality, self-determination, and destiny.  A heartfelt look at what might happen to a family that knows too much about the future. 

Sounds intriguing to me!  A review to follow once I finish it. 

Want to join along with us in the book of the month? Have you read this already?  Thoughts and comments on this welcome below:

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