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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Party Favors

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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Party Favors

Add the extra touch to your Thanksgiving dinner with some super cute, easy to make, party favors.

Thanksgiving Party Favors

First, with festive scrapbook paper you can make these cute little bags to hold your favors.  I cut my scrapbook paper about two inches to make it a little smaller.

Next, fold it into a triangle.  Take the left corner and fold it into another triangle and do the same thing with the right side.  Fold the top flap down and glue or tape it all together.


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and remembering our blessings.  On the back of the bag, glue the Blessing Mix ingredients and meanings, as below:

Then prepare the Blessing Mix:  Bugles, pretzels, candy corn, dried cranberries and peanuts.

Thanksgiving Party Favors

Then put the Blessing Mix inside small plastic baggies and insert in the party favor bag.  We also made up some extra side candies wrapped in tissue paper and glued cute festive sayings and quotes.  And, some Chocolate Butterscotch Acorns for the ultimate Thanksgiving party favor galore.

Thanksgiving Party Favors

Do you use party favors for your Thanksgiving dinners?  What do you do?  Please comment and share below, I love new ideas!

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