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Boo your Kid with a Fall College Care Package

By fall, your college kid has been away for 6-8 weeks.  Even if they won’t admit it, they are probably missing home a little.  Fall is the perfect time for your student to get “booed” with their first college care package.

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College care package

Here’s what’s inside:

College care package
Fall college care package

First, of course what they want the most is a little cash that I’ll put inside the “Love From Your Mummy” box. 

We found some fun Halloween ribbon and ghost stickers, gift bags and boxes off-season at a craft store and included some travel size foot lotion and candy.

College care package

What dorm doesn’t need some air freshener?  It’s fun to find everything orange — hand soap, festive socks and a school spirit t-shirt. 

College care package

Caramel corn and candy corn in a spooky plastic glove.

college care package

Orange Pringles, a fragrance sachet (because again, what dorm doesn’t need one?)  And, an orange troll for good luck.  My mom always sent me trolls when I was away at college.  This was one of mine from 1992.

College care package

Chocolate flavored candy corn makes great “rotten pumpkin teeth.”  We found Halloween candies at drug stores and the dollar stores, put them in zip lock bags with “bugs and kisses” and “something sweet to sink your teeth in.” Plus, orange gum and a pumpkin flavored cliff bar. 

Just enough snacks and smiles to get through the first mid-terms with a little love from home! 

Do you send college care packages? What items do you include?



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