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Thrive in Chapter Five is geared toward those entering midlife or “Chapter Five” of their life story. It is the end of several chapters, but the beginning of a new one. It is often a time of major changes with careers winding down, aging parents or empty nesting.  It’s is also a time of self-exploration and wondering what our life purpose is.

The goal of Thrive in Chapter Five is to engage readers to not only strive, but to thrive in midlife through self-exploration and intentional living.  Midlifer’s are always looking for new resources and ways to simplify life, cope with difficult situations, achieve better balance, check items off the bucket list, and live our best lives.  

Thrive in Chapter Five also addresses day-to-day concerns, raising teenagers, adjusting to adult children, planning the next chapter, taking adventures, exploring new hobbies, improving relationships, decorating, cooking, fitness and fashion.

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