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College Thanksgiving Care Package

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Cute and Easy College Thanksgiving Care Package

Before the holiday break, it’s a great time to send your student a little love from home with a college Thanksgiving care package.

Most college kids will be returning home for Thanksgiving break, but sending a little pre-Thanksgiving break goodie bag is a great way to get them excited to for the home visit and provide some comfort as they wrap up exams.

This little cloth turkey bag was purchased on sale after season at a local craft store. See what we sent inside:

Thanksgiving care package

Adding cute little sayings to snack bags is a cute way to make each bag festive.

Thanksgiving Care Package

You can find cute scrapbook paper prints and cut them to fit the size of the item.  Then print, cut out, and glue on encouraging and festive sayings, that are sure to bring a smile.

Slipping a little cash is also always a welcomed surprise!

Thanksgiving Care Package

That’s it!  Easy as pie.  Do you send your college students care packages?  What fun ideas do you send? Please comment and share below.


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