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3 Steps to End Insomnia

*This site contains affiliate links.  Click here for my disclosure. Insomnia For years I have suffered from insomnia. It seemed to go with the territory of working full-time and raising a family, due to all of life’s demands.  It was something
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Brazilian Tapioca
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Tapioca: Comfort Food for the Hygge Life, Brazilian Style

*This site contains affiliate links.  Click here for my disclosure. Comfort Food One of the key components of Hygge, the Danish lifestyle secret to happiness, is comfort foods. To practice Hygge by embracing the Danish concept is to make the most of
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intermittent fasting
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My 7 Day Experiment with Intermittent Fasting

My 7-day experiment with intermittent fasting (IF). IF is what seems to be the latest craze to kick-start a sluggish metabolism and improve health.  It’s basically a cycle between a period of fasting and a period of non-fasting during a specific time frame.

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Surviving Perimenopause While Raising Teens

It may not feel like it at the time, but surviving perimenopause while raising teens is possible. *This page may contain affiliate links.  Click here for my full disclaimer.   Going through perimenopause while raising, not one but two teenage daughters,
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