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Tapioca: Comfort Food for the Hygge Life, Brazilian Style

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Brazilian Tapioca

Comfort Food

One of the key components of Hygge, the Danish lifestyle secret to happiness, is comfort foods.

To practice Hygge by embracing the Danish concept is to make the most of every single aspect of life. Eating is not rushed or restricted for dieting, but rather an experience that is meant to be enjoyed with every single meal — with comforting foods and drinks, great smells and good company.

Brazygge is the concept of embracing the Danish trend; however, taking it to the next level by incorporating Brazilian energy, creativity and hospitality.

Hygge embraces taking things slow in order to savor the food and enjoy the company you are with. There is nothing more Brazilian than taking things slow! Not to mention, enjoying the company of others along side great food.

Growing up in the United States, I always thought of tapioca as pudding. However, I was very wrong and limited in my thinking.

Brazilian tapioca is a national favorite breakfast or snack. It is sort of like a crepe or a pancake, but it so much better. It is one of those comfort foods for the Hygge life, Brazilian style that is totally delicious and comforting.

The History of Tapioca

Tapioca comes from the starch of the cassava plant.  It is a flour that is great for thickening many foods.  Tapioca has a gel like structure even after being frozen and then thawed, making it great to use in many recipes.

The word “tapioca” comes from the native Tupi language spoken in Brazil around 1707 when the Portuguese first arrived in the Northeastern region of Brazil.  It refers to the process by which cassava starch is made edible. 

My in-laws are currently visiting from Fortaleza, Brazil and we have had the pleasure of daily Brazilian tapioca for breakfast for the past few weeks. The smell, the taste, and the experience bring so many pleasant memories of Brazil and family abroad, that it makes it to the top of the Brazygge comfort food list.  

Want to try Brazilian Tapioca?  Here’s how:

Brazilian Tapioca

What you will need:

Tapioca Starch 


Non-stick skillet

Preparation method

First, empty a package of tapioca starch into a bowl.  Add double the amount of water and let it sit overnight.  The next day, drain the water out by scooping it onto a towel.  

Brazilian Tapioca
Next:  Wring the towel tightly to make sure the water is removed. 
Brazilian Tapioca
After the water is removed dump the clump back into a bowl and sift it.  When ready to cook sift again into a non-stick skillet on medium heat. 
Brazilian Tapioca
Cook until the edges start bending.  Once that happens, flip it. 
Brazilian Tapioca
Then let it cook a few more minutes until it can be moved around in the pan, like a finished pancake.  Remove and put on a plate, roll and serve.
Brazilian Tapioca

Optional Toppings:

Often served with my personal favorites Requeijao and Goiabada. Others may enjoy it with butter, meat, cheese, coconut flakes or anything yummy you can think of. 

Want to make it a totally Brazygge experience — light a wooden wick candle, have some strong Brazilian coffee (use lots of cream!) in a cute mug and invite a neighbor over for some friendly conversation…. taking it all in, nice and slow. 

Have you ever had Brazilian Tapioca?  If not, will you give it a try?


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3 Replies to “Tapioca: Comfort Food for the Hygge Life, Brazilian Style”

  1. Before reading your post I’d never heard the term Hygge, but after reading your description I think I am definitely an adopter of the concept. 🙂 I believe in taking pleasure from the simple moments. Preparing food slowly and with love in part of that. I’ve not tried cooking with Tapioca before, but I’m going to give this a go. I’ll let you know how I go.

    • Awesome! Amazing how such a simple foreign word can remind us to simplify and enjoy life, but I love it and am glad you too! I hope you do try the Tapioca and share back how it goes! 😉


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