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Welcome to Thrive in Chapter Five!  I’m Kelly Lynne, the voice behind the blog.  I live in Michigan and am 47 years old.  I’ve been married for 20 years and am the mother of 19-year old and 15-year old girls.  We are a half-Brazilian-American family, so this page will have some unique Brazilian influences that I hope you will enjoy.

I’ve heard different ages of when midlife actually begins, but since my grandma is 96 years old (and I’m officially not half-way there), I’m not totally claiming it.  However, it is creeping up on me and I’m getting ready!

In talking to people my age, it became apparent that so many of us share the same concerns that the looming midlife brings — health and body changes, complications of marriage, aging parents, an empty nest, changing friendships, and a desire to find our purpose in life.

I began to save and compile ideas for myself and then decided it would be great to share it with others.  It is a journey leading up to midlife and I’ve decided rather than fear it, I am going to embrace it.

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I hope this blog can become a forum to share and discuss issues.  No matter how good or bad your last chapter was, it’s time to turn the page.  Join me on this journey so we can all  “Thrive in Chapter Five!”

Why I named the blog “Thrive in Chapter Five.”

As I started examining my own life story, I realized it consisted of Chapter 1 – Childhood, Chapter 2-  Adolescence, Chapter 3 – Young Adult, and Chapter 4 – Adult. Midlife, therefore, is my Chapter 5.

I don’t quite have the empty-nest, but with my youngest being a sophomore, it’s only a few years down the road. Once that happens, I will also turn 50, and that will be the end of Chapter 4.  It wasn’t a bad chapter, but I am using this time of self-discovery and growth as the base of being able to thrive in my life Chapter 5.

“Tell the story of the mountain you climbed.  Your words could become a page in some else’s survival guide.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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